Suzuki Boulevard C50

I enjoyed this bike for a couple of seasons for a passenger.  It was comfortable for two.  Another example of a poor mans Harley by Suzuki.  It was a very smooth bike with low vibration.  Had I kept the bike I would have replaced the seat with a Corbin for more comfort.  After some debated I found that for comfort and ease of riding this cruiser wasnt for me.  I would love to find one that fits me better.


Suzuki V-strom 650

I love my new bike.  It is a 2012 v-strom.  I wasn’t sure a 650cc bike would be enough but it is for me.  I test drove a 2009 v-strom and found it very top heavy which Suzuki seemed to fix from 2011 20150611_113111models onward.

Before I ended up with the v-strom, I test drove a Triumph Tiger 800 and the BMW 800 and actually, to my surprise, preferred the Suzuki.  Tiger and BMW was too much torque for my comfort in low gears and not as comfortable in the saddle.  I think of Suzuki as the poor mans “insert-favourite-bike-here”.  But it isn’t just that, they are well design and easy to drive.  Before the v-strom I had a Boulevard 50c for the same reason, couldn’t afford a Harley but honestly I found all Harley’s hard on the back and more power than I personally are comfortable with.  I highly recommend the v-strom 650 for anyone who wishes they could get a Tiger or BMW but can’t afford it.  And for someone with my taste in riding, someone who isn’t aggressive or power hungry, you will be happy with this bike AFTER 2011 models.


Prince Edward Island – the devils punch bowl

This is one of the best windy routes to take in PEI with a stop at the devil’s punch bowl.  Historically PEI was the last place in North America to repeal prohibition in 1948.  When any alcohol was confiscated by the police it was dumped in this ravine.  Personally I think it got into the water table and made the whole island a little drunk since prohibition started.

This is a 1 hrs long ride.  All paved but some roads have potholes… be careful.  But it is a fun twisty ride with lots of cool spots.

The devil’s punch bowl can be found here. And some links on the place.